CLEM Framework

This week we’ve been learning about the CLEM framework – a framework for learning about new ICTs and their use in the classroom. Lucas has a great explanation of what this is.

CLEM is an acronym, which stands for Community, Literature, Examples and Model. Each component represents a point which should be considered when using ICTs to amplify and transform student learning.

Community – Who else uses this ICT? Can you contact these people to discuss their use of the ICT?

Literature – Is there literature about this ICT? Where can it be found and what does it say about using this in the classroom?

Examples – Has someone else got an example of the ICT to see how it is used?

Model – Each ICT has a model embedded into it. Understanding how it works, what parts it has and what vocabulary is used with it is essential, along with how to fix any problems.

CLEM is a great framework for using new ICTs, I’m excited to use it on prac!


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