Catering to digital natives

The twenty-first century truly is the digital age. We have a digital device for nearly anything we can think of. We have Kindles for reading, watches that track our pulse and heart-rate, technology that allows us to control our televisions or computers with the wave of our hand.

Amidst all of this technology we have a whole generation of students who are being raising with this as the norm and are becoming literate with these ICTs as a natural part of life. As teachers, we  have the added challenge of updating our pedagogy and ICT literacy to cater to this  new, more technologically literate generation.

My fellow student Lily put it best when she said ‘In some instances they (students) are usurping adult knowledge of the internet and technology.’

But how can we keep up? This website has some great ideas for incorporating new technologies, including writing stories on Twitter and creating viral videos. To keep up, I constantly research new technologies, websites and devices and read other’s opinions on their educational merit. What are some other ways that we can keep up with new technology?