Reflecting on Week Three

Friday morning and I’m finally finished the week’s content! There’s so much to do! Blogging, learning paths, assignments, tutorials and lectures take so much time that it’s hard to fit anything else in!

We’ve learnt about RAT – a framework that along with SAMR is used for assessing how ICT is being used. I can definitely see myself using this on prac and in the future as an educator to assess my use of ICT.

Then there’s Dragonbox, a game for teaching students about algebra in a fun and engaging way. This fabulous game is incredibly fun and slightly addictive – I found myself spending over an hour playing it, and gaining quite a bit of knowledge in the process!

We also explored Scootle – a website with a large compilation of resources for teaching in schools. This is invaluable! I’m so glad that we are able to access this as pre-service teachers.

Finally, there was a section about copyright. I was horrified to find myself clueless about some of the laws and regulations in Australia, and so I immediately set out to learn about how I can ensure that I am using resources legally.

What have you learnt this week?

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