Using the TEST Framework

During this week’s content, we looked at the TEST framework, and how it can be applied to our studies. You can read about the TEST framework at this website.

Problem: How can I keep up with all of the work for this course, and at the same time keep up to date with my other subjects?

Task: I need to decide on an effective study schedule, and prioritise university over other things that may take my time, but that might not be as important, and maintain my motivation.

Environment: I study both at home, and at the Springfield campus of USQ. At home, I usually study in the lounge room, with the TV on, which can sometimes be a distraction and sometimes helps me stay focussed, depending on the task. On occasion, I will also be studying at the Ipswich campus library. Both libraries have the issue of noise from other students, which can make it difficult for me to study.

Skills: I’m confident in the use of ICT, so I don’t have as large a learning curve this semester as some of my peers, however there are still a lot of challenges for me. I have good time management when I need to, so this will help me finish all of my work.

Tools: I have a good knowledge of many ICT tools which will help me achieve my goals. Websites such as Twitter, Diigo and Feedly are all extremely useful to me. Additionally, timetable websites will be helpful for me to develop a functional study plan.

Hopefully the TEST framework will be helpful to keep me on track for this semester!