ICT at University

As I worked through the course content this week, I found myself considering all of the ways that ICT has transformed my learning at university. Indeed, several of my course would not have been possible without ICT, as I studied them exclusively online. Some of the ways we have learned have completely shifted my perspective of ICT and also education. For example, in one subject I created a webquest which covered an entire unit of mathematics. It was an interesting a and effective way to teach that I hadn’t previously thought about, and one that I would definitely use in the future. In other courses I created a website, which made me consider how they could be used in the future as  a teacher. Perhaps a custom website or blog could be used to have students share their perspectives on their learning, or to share what they have learned to a wider audience. The ever-changing realm of ICTs is providing more and more opportunities to extend and challenge the way we teach and learn.